Nova Comet II Lathe Reviews

The NOVA Comet II 46301 midi lathe is the newest lathe from Teknatool, the lathe manufacturer organization with almost 60 years of experience in the advancement of the woodturning technology. Not simply lathes, this company is additionally popular for their range of high-end scroll chucks.


Teknatool’s new Nova Comet II 46301 wood lathe is highlight pressed at a price that is hard to beat. It has not only variable speed, reversible motor – not often found on lathes of this size – that is tucked out of the way under the tail end of the lathe.

That may not sound like a major advancement, but many mini lathes have the controls mounted on an arm off the back; that setup saves space and, because you don’t need stretch over the spinning work to achieve the controls, it’s secure.

I like the reversing switch as I think you can make a better job of sanding with the work turning in the opposite direction.

A three-step pulley that’s easy to adjust works in combination with the controller to change speeds from 250 to 4000 RPM.

The Nova Comet II has a 3⁄4 HP, direct-current motor, which provides you a lot of power, yet you can connect it into a standard wall outlet.

I tested the lathe by spindle turning because as a furniture producer, that is the operation I require regularly. The lathe handles a reported 161⁄2 inch between centers (however I could fit 181⁄2 inch), but an accessory bed extension takes that up to 42 inch.

With its 12 inch swing (the largest diameter that machine can turn inboard), you can also turn bowls and platters on this lathe (for outboard turning, however, you’ll need a bigger lathe).
For furniture creators, the 12-point index on the head is a plus; it is easy to adjust, precise and locks the head firmly into position.

The Nova is powerful enough for my requirements, quiet and vibration-free; the 77-pound weight helps.

Right out of the box, the Nova Comet II lathe is almost fully assembled. You just need to attach the hand wheel, the rubber feet (unless you are mounting it on a stand), the tailstock adjustment handle and the tool rest. That is it. You’ll be handing over a matter of minutes.

However, the tool rest could be longer but I have yet to meet a lathe on which this is not a typical problem.

My main complaint about this lathe is that a portion of the edges on the castings are quite sharp. Inside the headstock housing, between and under the ways, could all use a little softening.

If you need accessories, this machine has everything from a grinding wheel attachment, disk sander, belt sander and wire wheel, all of which mount outboard, to the previously mentioned bed extension. With the accessories included, you can get your tools sharp, turn a bowl and clean it, all without stepping away from the machine lathe.

The Nova Comet II 46301 – the best wood lathe, with a full-featured turning package suitable for most woodworkers – it’s a compact and powerful midi lathe that won’t break the budget.


The Grizzly Metal Lathe reviews

Grizzly is thought one of the leading brands within the lathe business. They provide a good vary of lathes with numerous sizes and options. Their merchandise is terribly top quality and receives lots of high appreciation from the customers. These days there’s lots of competition within the lathe with many various brands. However, with its name and top quality merchandise, Grizzly remains a number one complete for the users

The Grizzly G0602 reviews

Grizzly G0602 metal lathe
The Grizzly G0602 has become a well-recognized name for top quality and cheap bench-top metal lathe. It continues being one amongst the most effective metal lathe in 2017. You hardly find a better one for an equivalent price. It’s an amazing mini metal lathe in a very compact and easy to use. It’s an excellent starter lathe as it’s over capable of doing mini to medium sized tasks with relative ease. It’s additionally appropriate for skilled metalworkers.

The Grizzly G0602 offers 33 in. threads from 8 to 72 TPI and 26 metric threads from 0.25mm to 3.5mm, terribly spectacular for a lathe at this price. You’ll amendment the speed for every project with six-speed range: 150, 300, 560, 720, 1200 and 2400 RPM. It additionally includes oil bath gearbox.

From several comparative reviews, the Grizzly G0602 is additionally built better and it’s a lot of correct chucks with solely 0.0005” movement variance. For mini to medium sized jobs, this lathe works astonishingly well and might handle anything you throw at it. This lathe is over capable of performing jobs that a $10,000 lathe can do and at its value, you can make your money back quickly by selling a couple of top quality turned elements.


– Motor: 1 HP, 110V, single-phase, 13.6A
– Swing over bed: 9-1/2”
– Swing over cross slide: 6-1/8”
– Distance between centers: 22”
– Spindle bore: 1”
– Spindle thread: 1-3/4” x 8 TPI
– Spindle taper: MT #4
– Number of speeds: 6
– Speed range: 150, 300, 560, 720, 1200, 2400 RPM
– Leadscrew: 3/4”–12 TPI
– Compound travel: 3-1/2”
– Cross slide travel: 6-1/2”
– Carriage travel: 18-1/2”
– Maximum tool size: 1/2”
– Tailstock quill travel: 2-1/2”
– Tailstock taper: MT#3
– Number of longitudinal feeds: 9
– Range of longitudinal feeds: 0.0023–0.013 IPR
– Number of inch threads: 33
– Range of inch threads: 8–72 TPI
– Number of metric threads: 26
– Range of metric threads: 0.25–3.5mm
– Overall dimensions: 46” L x 22” W x 16-5/8” H
– Approximate shipping weight: 432 lbs
– Warranty: 1 year